Working Together for our 100% Renewable Future

Written by Mary Hendriks, on May 10, 2016

“Someone should fix that ….”

Living in an urban environment, we often hear this phrase.

As urban dwellers, most of us are aware that our cities are under attack, from record high temperatures, polluted air, and congested roadways.

Waiting for “someone to fix that” is no longer an option.

Changing our energy systems to use power generated from renewable sources, and switching our transport infrastructure to low carbon are now urgent steps for our shared future.

Forward thinking government leaders around the world are working with their communities to take on the challenge of moving to 100% renewable. Innovative businesses are looking for the new opportunities, that will both grow their companies and change our urban environments and transport systems.

Although representatives of more than 175 countries recently signed the Paris Climate agreement, action is still very slow. With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, and over 70% of Australians in urban areas, this is where change can happen fast to drive the new low carbon economy.

Initiatives and targets set by urban leaders are important, such as those set by Simon Corbell, Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT. Minister Corbell has set the bar for the ACT, with his recent announcement of going 100% renewable by 2020. However, setting targets and incentives is just one part – the challenge is to achieve this energy switch within the next few years.

What is your city or town doing? Are your local leaders taking on the challenge of integrating locally generated renewable energy with energy storage solutions to replace centrally produced fossil fuel generated power? Are your urban planners designing for low carbon and electric transport?

Is your business or workplace taking a lead, and taking up the opportunity to invest in these changes? Is your school or college training leaders by example – young people who will be that ‘someone’ who takes on these challenges?

Renewable Cities Australia is a forum where real Australian solutions for going 100% renewable are shared. This inaugural forum brings together both experienced and young leaders from the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Byron Bay and other local government areas. Hear from business leaders who are converting community buildings to use power from solar, geothermal or who are incorporating battery storage. Share the solutions from entrepreneurial schools who are leading by example and from innovators who provide solutions to map solar resources and design new local power systems.

Renewable Cities will also showcase the options for low carbon transport with talks on electric bus and car fleets. The co-located exhibition Australian Energy Storage exhibition will feature electric vehicles and electric charging options.

This is the MUST ATTEND forum for all those who are interested in taking up the challenge of being that “someone”, working together for our 100% renewable future.

Renewable Cities Australia will be on 1 & 2 June in Sydney, see details at