Who we are

GoBizGreen advocates and provides services to the renewable energy industry.

Mary Hendriks is the lead consultant for GoBizGreen.

Until July 2020, Mary undertook the role of Industry Industry Executive of the Australian Energy Storage Alliance and Program Advisor for the Australian Energy Storage Conference. Previously, Mary worked with Renewable Cities Australia, the Australian Solar Council and All-Energy Australia.

Mary also has extensive experience with small to medium enterprise business as Director of IT Sales and Service businesses, and Project Manager for Australian government funded programmes for entrepreneurship in small business.

Mary Hendriks’ profile is available on Linkedin, and follow her on Twitter @MaryEHendriks and @GoBizGreen.

“At GoBizGreen, the focus is  “Working for Tomorrow’s Planet” – helping to define the future that we all want to share.  Our vision is of a world which is powered by renewable energy, one that operates on cyclic systems, a world where the gap between rich and poor is small, a world that is safe, fair and one which offers the opportunity for everyone to contribute.”   Mary Hendriks

Consultancy Services

GoBizGreen is a consultancy offering strategic planning for businesses seeking to engage with the renewable energy industry, with focus on smart energy systems such as energy storage solutions.

Please contact Mary for:

  • Consultancy and Australian market overview
  • Knowledge sharing on energy storage solutions

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Postal address is:
P.O. Box 1049
Glebe, Sydney, NSW 2037

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